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Online Gambling And Betting Laws In India

Online Gambling And Betting Laws In IndiaOnline gambling and betting is getting attention of stakeholders from diverse fields. These include both national and international stakeholders. Online gambling and betting essentially involves use of Internet and information technology. When Internet and technology is used, cross border legal issues also arise. The conflict of laws principle would also be attracted in case of online gambling and betting.

A question that is frequently asked from us is whether online gambling and betting is legal In India or not? There is no straight forward answer to this question. Further, the formula of skill versus chance is also not universally applicable in all situations. We have no dedicated online gaming and gambling laws and regulations in India and this makes the position murky.

We need dedicated online gambling laws in India that can clearly demarcate the rights and obligations of various stakeholders in this regard. However, till then the stakeholders must keep in mind various applicable laws of India especially the cyber law due diligence requirements (PDF).

Recently, it was decided that an anti match fixing law would be formulated for India. This decision was taken due to growing cases of match fixing in series like IPL. We also need to regulate online gambling and gaming activities in India so that no stakeholder is found on the wrong side of the law.

Online Sale Of Medicines In India

Online Sale Of Medicines In IndiaOnline pharmacies in India are still trying to ascertain and comply with Indian laws applicable in this regard. There are a handful of online pharmacies in India. However, a majority of them are not complying with Indian laws and they may be prosecuted and punished as well in the near future.

There are well defined e-commerce and online pharmacy related legal compliances in India. Even there are legal and regulatory requirements pertaining to online sale of Ayurvedic preparations in India. Any online pharmacy store must comply with the laws for opening of online pharmacy in India.

As the stakes and risks are high in this segment, it is of utmost importance that Indian government must interfere in this regard as soon as possible. An unregulated and illegal online pharmacy business structure is not conducive for a country like India.

Techno Legal Blogs By Perry4Law And PTLB

Techno Legal Blogs By Perry4Law And PTLBPerry4Law Organisation and Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB) have been spreading techno legal awareness in India and world wide for almost a decade. We have been working extremely hard to cater the requirements of different stakeholders. At times we have to cover the extra mile to simply fill the gap that legal systems are facing around the world.

This blog is an attempt to consolidate all these techno legal awareness and educational initiatives at a single place. We intend to make this platform a holistic and composite resource so that our esteemed viewers and readers need not to consult multiple blogs and platforms for their needs.

We would also interlink various blogs in our respective posts and articles so that holistic and most comprehensive information can be found and discussed here. We have already provided a list of our blogs on the right side of this blog for ready reference and extra legal research that various stakeholders may need to meet their specific requirements.

If you need lour professional assistance, please feel free to contact us and establish a client attorney relationship so that we can take up your legal assignments.

We hope, like other blogs, this blog would also serve your purpose and meet your expectations.