Global ICT Updates From Perry4Law 29-05-2014

Global ICT Updates From Perry4Law 29-05-2014Information and communication technology (ICT) related issues are diverse in nature. In this update Perry4Law would cover these ICT issues that have recently taken place world over. These ICT updates for the month of May 2014 are as follows:

(1) RBI Postpones The Implementation Of Biometric Authentication For Credit Card Swipe Machines And ATMs

(2) Right To Be Forgotten Needed Under Laws Of India

(3) China Would Investigate Foreign IT Products And Services To Protect National Security And Ensure Economic And Social Development

(4) ITU Hosts Second Advisory Board Meeting Of M-Powering Development Initiative

(5) Samsung’s Smartwatch Can Make And Receive Calls Without Being Tethered To A Smartphone

(6) Google Is Creating A Cloud Based WiFi Network For Small And Medium Size Companies

(7) Facebook Alleged To Be Temporarily Blocked In Thailand To Curb Online Criticism Of The Military

We hope our readers would find these update worth reading.

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