Twitter Updates Of Perry4Law And PTLB 01-08-2014

Twitter Updates Of Perry4Law And PTLB 01-08-2014Perry4Law and PTLB have been providing updates of its tweets at Twitter. We have been covering tweets about Perry4Law and PTLB shared either by us or by other companies/individuals.

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We wish to share the following tweets (from latest to older one) for the date 01-08-2014:

(1) FedEx Corporation’s Case Is A Warning For Those Dealing With Illegal Online Pharmacies Of India– Source: Techno Legal Blogs Of Perry4Law.

(2) Unconstitutional Biometrics Collection Practices In India Are Encouraged By Modi Govt. Protest And Resist– Source: CLPIC.

(3) Legal Issues In E-Commerce In India– Source: E-Retailing Laws In India.

(4) Telemedicine Laws And Regulatory Compliances In India– Source: CECSRDI Forums.

(5) How To Ensure Online Sales Of Prescribed Medicines In India In A Legal Manner– Source: E-Courts In India.

(6) Online Pharmacies In India Are Violating Indian Laws And Indian Govt Is Looking Helplessly– Source: E-Retailing Laws In India.

(7) Is Online Gambling And Betting Legal In India?– Source: Online Gambling Laws In India.

(8) Payment Gateway And POS Terminal Services Cyber Law Due Diligence In India– Source: Cyber Laws In India.

(9) How To Open A Legal Online Pharmacy Store In India Without Violating Indian Laws?– Source: Cyber Laws In India.

(10) Legal Formalities Required For Starting E-Commerce Business In India– Source: Corporate Laws In India.

(11) Online Poker Websites In India Are Violating Indian Laws And May Be Prosecuted– Source: Techno Legal Thoughts.

(12) Pharmaceuticals E-Commerce Legal Issues In India Are Not Complied With– Source: Techno Legal News.

(13) Praveen Dalal Explains Why Indian Central Monitoring System Is Dangerous And How It works. An Eye Opener– Source: CLPIC.

(14) Illegal Phone Tapping In India Is Still A Free Act With No Privacy Law In Sight– Source: CLPIC.

(15) Privacy Rights In India In The Information Age Are Violated By Both Congress And BJP Govts– Source: CLPIC.

(16) The Central Bureau Of Investigation Act 2010 Was (Congress) And Is Still (BJP) A PMO Failure (Praveen Dalal)– Source: CLPIC.

(17) FedEx Pleaded Not Guilty For Delivering Drugs From Illegal Online Pharmacies– Source: E-Retailing Laws In India.

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