Banks In India Refuse To Give Direct Access To Natgrid

Banks In India Refuse To Give Direct Access To NatgridIn what can be termed as a major setback to national intelligence grid (Natgrid) project of India, banks of India have refused to give direct access to Natgrid project of their bank customers.

This was bound to happen as just like other projects of Indian government even the Natgrid project has been poorly implemented. We at Perry4Law believe that Natgrid project of India needs a techno legal implementation that is missing as on date.

Indian government should not force Natgrid project without considering the civil liberties requirements that have assumed great significance these days. Similarly, implementation of Natgrid without parliamentary oversight and e-surveillance policy would be great disaster.

Perry4Law wishes all the best to Indian government and hope that intelligence related shortcoming of Indian policies would be sorted out very soon for a transparent, accountable and robust intelligence infrastructure of India.