Natgrid Project Of India

Natgrid Project Of IndiaIntelligence agencies technologies in India are kept secret for operational reasons. There are also very few public discussions and debates about use of such technologies by intelligence agencies of India. Also forums that discuss these issues are also missing. All we have a broad outline of the projects and initiatives pertaining to intelligence agencies.

Exemption from public disclosure laws of India has also complicated the situation as these agencies operate in complete secrecy. There is neither a parliamentary oversight nor judicial scrutiny of the functioning of these agencies and e-surveillance projects.

Some of the intelligence and law enforcement related technologies and projects include National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) of India, Aadhaar Project of India, Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) Project of India, Central Monitoring System (CMS) Project of India, Internet Spy System Network and Traffic Analysis System (NETRA) of India, National Intelligence Grid (Natgrid) Project of India, etc.

While implementing the intelligence and e-surveillance related projects, Indian government has failed to cater the constitutional requirements like Parliamentary oversight, privacy and civil liberties protections, balancing national security and civil liberties protection, etc.

The Natgrid project of India has recently got a boost from Narendra Modi government. Work is in progress to make it operational. However, Natgrid project of India cannot be successful till it is implemented in a techno legal manner. Constitutional and civil liberties issues cannot be ignored by the Narendra Modi government anymore.