Online Pharmacies Legal Compliances Are Ignored In India

Online Pharmacies Legal Compliances Are Ignored In IndiaOnline pharmacies can be a viable alternative to offline pharmacies that are not readily available to all concerned. However, online pharmacies have their own unique regulatory and technical limitations.

Besides managing the legal issues of e-commerce, online pharmacies are also required to comply with pharmaceutical related laws. If the online pharmacy is selling its products across the nations, conflict of laws in cyberspace also create regulatory problems.

Laws of one country may allow such online pharmacies whereas laws of another country may prohibit the same. The recent case of FedEx Corporation is a warning for all those dealing with illegal online pharmacies. Similarly, illegal online pharmacies are on hit list of Google and federal authorities of United States.

Almost all of the online pharmacies of India are operating in an illegal and unregulated manner. Many of such online pharmacies are already under regulatory scanner. FDA Maharashtra has recently raided 27 online pharmacies located in Mumbai. Maharashtra FDA has also approached DCGI for regulating illegal online pharmacies operating in India. Many online pharmacies websites in India are controlled by underworld and organised criminal networks. Illegal online pharmacies and healthcare websites in India need to be curbed urgently.

Those interested in running a legal online pharmacy must understand and follow the laws regarding opening of online pharmacy stores in India. However, till now online pharmacies are operating in clear violation of Indian laws and India government has not taken any action in this regard.

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