Supreme Court’s Proceedings Under Aadhaar Act, 2016 On 19-05-2017

Aadhaar remained optional till 19-05-2017 due to interim order of the Constitution Bench (CB) that is still in force despite Aadhaar Act, 2016 and Finance Act, 2017. CB of Supreme Court (SC) has not modified that order so it still binds Parliament, Executive and government agencies/departments.

Today the Supreme Court briefly heard Petitioner(s) and posted the case for further hearing on 27-06-2017. However, some significant observations were made by the Attorney General (AG) regarding last date of/for seeding/enrolling Aadhaar. The position that emerged is as follows:

(1) The last date imposed by govt to seed Aadhaar or enroll or take step to enroll for the same is 30-06-2017. That can be extended as suggested by the AG.

(2) SC would hear the case on 27-06-2017. This still leaves 3 full days to explore various options, including enrolling or showing intention to enroll for Aadhaar. Actual enrollment is not required as hinted by AG.

(3) The Division Bench (DB) of SC cannot overturn the interim orders of the CB. So Aadhaar remains optional till CB decides otherwise.

(4) Either DB would say Aadhaar is optional due to CB interim orders or govt would extend the date to escape this conclusion on 27-06-2017.

(5) The DB cannot postpone the matter beyond 27-06-2017 except if one of the eventualities occurs as specified in point (4) above. So petitioners would not be required to get an Aadhaar or enroll for the same till 27-06-2017 or even 01-07-2017.

In short, after 27-06-2017, requirement of Aadhaar would be either rejected by the DB citing CB interim orders or postponed due to extension of date by Govt.

So relax and demand government services, whether welfare or non welfare, as a matter of right and without any Aadhaar or its enrollment.