Aadhaar Is Not Mandatory For Stock Markets, Stock Exchanges And Stock Trading In India

Media industry of India is doing what it does best i.e. spreading fake news and fear mongering about illegal and unconstitutional projects like Aadhaar. The latest example is spreading false news that Aadhaar is mandatory for stock trading in India. This is totally false and Aadhaar is absolutely optional for all purposes in India including stock trading.

Obviously, agents and consumers working in the stock exchanges, stock markets or stock trading can simply ignore this illegal and unconstitutional demand of Aadhaar as Aadhaar is unconstitutional. The least they can do is to seek more time on a regular basis so that Aadhaar remains in the cold storage forever.

Readers must be aware that Aadhaar is not mandatory for even services proposed under the Aadhaar Act, 2016 and there is no case it can be made mandatory for mobile re-verification, tax filing, and permanent account number (PAN), bank accounts, money laundering norms, stock trading, etc.

So stop relying upon fake news and rumours and sternly refuse Aadhaar if demanded by your agents, brokers or SEBI. Aadhaar is a Constitutional Anomaly and it violates your Fundamental Rights. If you have already enrolled for Aadhaar, deseed Aadhaar from all services where you have seeded it. You have a right to opt out of Aadhaar and ask for destruction of your biometric collected illegally and unconstitutionally by Indian government.

Do not be a digital slave for your lifetime and demand enforcement of your Fundamental Rights by Supreme Court. If Supreme Court gives per Incuriam judgment or refuses to protect your Fundamental Rights, you are the last line of defense in this regard. So be brave and do not be a coward Aadhaar slave or you would be targeted for DNA profiling next.