Atrocities Of Orwellian Aadhaar Would Further Increase In Future And We Must Scrap Aadhaar Urgently Opines Praveen Dalal

Aadhaar is a draconian and Orwellian technology that is violating Human Rights and Fundamental Rights of Indians.  It is a digital panopticon that intends to control Indians on the one hand and engage in unconstitutional e-surveillance on the other.

However, with passage of time, Aadhaar and its evil designs would result in further subjugation and oppression of Indians. Aadhaar has already been linked with everything of Indians and a centralised database has been created.

Such a centralised database is not only a cyber security disaster but also a civil liberties nightmare. Aadhaar is the most insecure critical infrastructure of the world. It completely lacks cyber security, data security, privacy protection, etc opines Praveen Dalal.

Unless Aadhaar is scrapped, it would cause big civil liberties and cyber security troubles for Indians. This is more so when Aadhaar is also clubbed with Digital India or e-governance project of India.