Aadhaar Cannot Be Improved And Salvaged And Scrap Aadhaar Is The Only Option Opines Praveen Dalal

In a desperate move to prevent scrapping of Aadhaar, Indian government has hinted that it is open to suggestions for improving Aadhaar. However, Aadhaar is so obnoxious that it cannot be salvaged and improved and scrapping of Aadhaar is the only option left opines Praveen Dalal.

According to Praveen Dalal, Aadhaar has created a serious Constitutional Anomaly and it violates Fundamental Rights, Rule of Law, Etc and not just Privacy Right. This type of Constitutional anomaly cannot be removed by improving Aadhaar or by enacting laws for privacy and data protection.

No amount of laws and improvement can make unconstitutional Aadhaar workable and Indians must not be fooled by this dirty trick of Indian government. Asking improvement in Aadhaar is nothing but to ask for better and more lethal ways to improve mass control and human atrocities.

Atrocities of Orwellian Aadhaar would increase more in future and government is just downplaying the evils of Aadhaar. Do not improve Aadhaar, but scrap Aadhaar urgently.