Human Rights And Civil Liberties Protection In The Aadhaar Era Is The New Age Freedom Struggle And You Are Freedom Fighter Says Praveen Dalal

We cherish the memories of our freedom struggle and respect our freedom fighters a lot. Many of us even think it would have been a privilege to fight for the freedom struggle of India.

Well it seems Indian government has granted that wish of Indians. Indian government introduced Orwellian and draconian Aadhaar that is enslaving the entire nation.

Just like freedom struggle, in present times also there are only handful of people who are actually fighting against Aadhaar. Human Rights and Civil Liberties protection in the Aadhaar era is the new age freedom struggle and you are freedom fighters opines Praveen Dalal.

Once again foreign companies and vested interests are working in the direction of making Indians their slaves. Only this time the slavery would be in the form of digital slavery.

Before independence of India people were better situated than current conditions when even their bodies are property of Indian government. Very soon your very existence would be a government property over which government would have absolute control.

It is in our own interest that we Scrap Aadhaar before it makes Indians slaves once again. only this time the consequences of slavery would be gross human atrocities and casualties.