Indian Government Is Fooling Indians With Rhetoric And Snatching Their Liberties Opines Praveen Dalal

Indians are gullible and can be easily pushed by even the most absurd excuses and reasoning. Aadhaar is a good example how naive Indians can be. Not only Indians are compromising their own freedom and liberty but they have also risked the freedoms and liberties of their family.

Innocent children, who are not even aware of the digital slavery that their parents have imposed upon them, are facing biggest setback. Their future freedoms have already been sold by their families to government and private companies.

There is no mechanism that Indian government has not used to force unconstitutional Aadhaar upon Indians. From lies, coercion to taking help of Supreme Court in dragging the case endlessly, government has used all the weapons in its arsenal.

This raises the most important question. Do Indians have a choice in this regard? Yes all of us have a choice to say no. Those who have said no to Aadhaar have put their social, financial, physical and personal entitlements at great risk. There is no reason why one salaried employee can fight against Aadhaar while other succumb to the pressure.

Due to clever tactics of Indian government, almost 50% of Indians have now enrolled for Aadhaar. They have a mechanism to refuse, link or opt out of Aadhaar but their fear is not allowing them to take necessary step.

We at Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) have been using an online platform for refusal, delinking and opt out of Aadhaar for long.  The results are really promising as companies and institutions approached through the ODR platform have not demanded Aadhaar anymore.

We would like to inform people that Aadhaar is absolutely optional for enrollment and linking purposes. You can also opt out of Aadhaar if you approach appropriate authorities. Do not enroll for Aadhaar or link it anywhere otherwise you would become a digital slave forever.