Insecure And Unconstitutional Aadhaar Has Put Lives And Properties Of Indians In Great Danger Opines Praveen Dalal

Aadhaar suffers on many fronts and lack of cyber security is just one of them. Each weakness of Aadhaar is fatal in itself and sufficient to put lives and properties of people associated with it in great danger. The truth is that insecure and unconstitutional Aadhaar has already put lives and properties of Indians in great danger opines Praveen Dalal.

Despite the tall claims of government and UIDAI, Aadhaar is a highly insecure project. Aadhaar database, whether biometric or non biometric one, is vulnerable to simple and sophisticated cyber attacks and other forms of security lapses. In fact, no body needs to even hack Aadhaar as biometric and demographic information about Indians are already available to world at large.

Cyber security is a complicated field to manage and even the most ardent players of cyber security are aware that absolute cyber security is a myth. So if anybody is claiming that his/her system, software or project is 100% cyber secure, he/she is simply ignorant of the ground realities as exist in the cyberspace.

Till sometime back, cyber warfare was considered as a fiction and not reality. But with growing incidences of cyber espionage, cyber terrorism and even cyber warfare, countries have started taking their critical infrastructures seriously. Nevertheless, the task to secure these critical infrastructures is next to impossible as the bad guys are always many steps ahead of the government and its agencies.

Aadhaar is one such highly sensitive and highly insecure project of India government that is neither prudent nor secure. It only has a false sense of security that government is projecting to divert the attention of critics of Aadhaar. But real cyber security professionals are well aware of the dangers of Aadhaar project that has put the lives and properties of Indians in great peril.

In reality, Aadhaar has created serious constitutional anomaly and irresolvable cyber security issues that would always jeopardise rule of law and personal safety and security of Indians. No matter whatever Indian government tells you, stay away from Aadhaar. And if you have already made an Aadhaar, delink it from all services and block your biometric as soon as possible so that it cannot be abused by government and private individuals.