Orwellian Aadhaar Has Brought Disrespect For Both Supreme Court And Attorney Generals

Aadhaar has brought an embarrassing situation for Public Functionaries like Attorney General, CEO of UIDAI and Supreme Court. No time in history people called AG/CEO of UIDAI a moron and SC Judges corrupt Says Praveen Dalal. How much more toll Aadhaar would Take?

All this is happening despite Twitter censoring critical tweets about Aadhaar like anything. Twitter is hell bent to shadow ban, demote tweets, throw critical tweets in black hole and so on. All tricks have been deployed by Twitter and Indian government to silence criticism about Aadhaar.

But people of India must not succumb to this pressure otherwise they would become slaves of Aadhaar for ever. We must Scrap Aadhaar as soon as possible says Praveen Dalal.