Human Rights And Civil Liberties Protection In The Aadhaar Era Is The New Age Freedom Struggle And You Are Freedom Fighter Says Praveen Dalal

We cherish the memories of our freedom struggle and respect our freedom fighters a lot. Many of us even think it would have been a privilege to fight for the freedom struggle of India.

Well it seems Indian government has granted that wish of Indians. Indian government introduced Orwellian and draconian Aadhaar that is enslaving the entire nation.

Just like freedom struggle, in present times also there are only handful of people who are actually fighting against Aadhaar. Human Rights and Civil Liberties protection in the Aadhaar era is the new age freedom struggle and you are freedom fighters opines Praveen Dalal.

Once again foreign companies and vested interests are working in the direction of making Indians their slaves. Only this time the slavery would be in the form of digital slavery.

Before independence of India people were better situated than current conditions when even their bodies are property of Indian government. Very soon your very existence would be a government property over which government would have absolute control.

It is in our own interest that we Scrap Aadhaar before it makes Indians slaves once again. only this time the consequences of slavery would be gross human atrocities and casualties.


Aadhaar Gladiators Are Using ODR Platform Of Perry4Law To Scrap Aadhaar

Aadhaar Gladiators Of Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO)

Brave heart Aadhaar gladiators of Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) have been fighting against unconstitutional Aadhaar since 2009/2010. We have continued our fight against Aadhaar irrespective of the political party in power. Whether it is Congress or BJP govt, our stand remains same, i.e. Scrap Aadhaar.

Few years back we launched one of techno legal segments of P4LO dealing with online dispute resolution (ODR). The same is in a beta testing stage before our final portal hits the cyberspace. As there was no online platform to raise issues about Aadhaar, P4LO added the features and systems pertaining to Aadhaar as well. The platform covers areas like refusal, delinking, opt out and scrap Aadhaar pertaining to Aadhaar.

Recently we tested the ODR platform and got instant relief from both Department of Telecommunication (DoT) and telecom company Aircel. Not only we got the relief but this process also helped all other Indians as DoT issued a clarification and clearly mentioned that last date for linking of Aadhaar with mobile number is 31-03-2018.

Aadhaar gladiators of P4LO are using ODR platform of P4LO and soon many aspects like privacy, data protection, data security, cyber security, biometric, etc would also be covered by them. Keep a track of the development in this regard from time to time.

Aadhaar Monster Is Feeding Upon The Fears And Cowardice Of Majority Of Indians But The Few Brave Indians Must Fight To Scrap Aadhaar Opines Praveen Dalal

Aadhaar is such a pathetic concept and technology that even an uneducated person would reject it. If that is the case, why Aadhaar has reached to such a precarious stage?

The answer lies in the fear and cowardice of Indians who refused to fight the mighty Indian government. As a result almost 50% of Indians now have an Aadhaar and government is trying to corner more Indians.

Supreme Court has been helping Indian government by every possible means to coerce as many Indians as possible to enroll for Aadhaar. Naturally, Citizens are the last line of defense as our Supreme Court and government are violating Indian Constitution and Fundamental Rights through Aadhaar, money bills, etc opines Praveen Dalal.

Now scrapping of Aadhaar is possible only if the real Aadhaar hero and Aadhaar gladiators keep on fighting against Aadhaar. Those who have not enrolled for Aadhaar despite so much govt coercion and abdication of its constitutional duties by Supreme Court are real Aadhaar hero. We at Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) congratulate such brave Indians.

Aadhaar monster is feeding upon the fear and cowardice of Indians but the few brave Indians must fight back to scrap Aadhaar opines Praveen Dalal. Aadhaar slaves must also understand that if they cannot fight Aadhaar now, they cannot fight it ever. Their slavery would keep on increasing with passage of time and they would face sever human atrocities in near future.

Indians must also stop living with false hope. Aadhaar cannot be improved and salvaged and scrapping of Aadhaar is the only option tells Praveen Dalal. It is high time to be bold and brave as forcing our own children for Aadhaar slavery is cowardice of highest nature.

Aadhaar Cannot Be Improved And Salvaged And Scrap Aadhaar Is The Only Option Opines Praveen Dalal

In a desperate move to prevent scrapping of Aadhaar, Indian government has hinted that it is open to suggestions for improving Aadhaar. However, Aadhaar is so obnoxious that it cannot be salvaged and improved and scrapping of Aadhaar is the only option left opines Praveen Dalal.

According to Praveen Dalal, Aadhaar has created a serious Constitutional Anomaly and it violates Fundamental Rights, Rule of Law, Etc and not just Privacy Right. This type of Constitutional anomaly cannot be removed by improving Aadhaar or by enacting laws for privacy and data protection.

No amount of laws and improvement can make unconstitutional Aadhaar workable and Indians must not be fooled by this dirty trick of Indian government. Asking improvement in Aadhaar is nothing but to ask for better and more lethal ways to improve mass control and human atrocities.

Atrocities of Orwellian Aadhaar would increase more in future and government is just downplaying the evils of Aadhaar. Do not improve Aadhaar, but scrap Aadhaar urgently.

As Part Of Scrap Aadhaar Initiative Aircel Served Notice By P4LO For Illegally Demanding Orwellian Aadhaar

Telecom companies are illegally demanding Aadhaar for prepaid connections all over India. This is a clear case of contempt of court as Supreme Court has made Aadhaar absolutely optional.

Similarly, Supreme Court has also directed that no person or company can force a person to link Aadhaar before 31-03-2018. A person can link his Aadhaar even on the last date of deadline. No company can force him to link the Aadhaar before that date.

A joint reading of these two orders make it clear that no person or company can ask for an Aadhaar at least before 31-03-2018 and after that date Aadhaar would be scrapped by Supreme Court.

This is essential as atrocities of Aadhaar would increase with passage of time. It would be wise to Scrap Aadhaar before it takes many lives of Indians.

As part of our Scrap Aadhaar initiative, Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) has launched a platform to fight against Orwellian and draconian Aadhaar. The same was launched few years back and we are regularly updating it from time to time.

We have sent a notice to Aircel for insisting Aadhaar and made Department of Telecommunication (DoT) and Shri. Manoj Sinha part of that notice. We are waiting for a response from Aircel and DoT now and would update our readers soon.


Department of Telecommunication (DoT) and telecom company Aircel have resolved the issue after the notice. Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) appreciates their help and support. @TLCEODRI has adjourned the ticket/notice to 31-03-2018 for further action, if required. 

Atrocities Of Orwellian Aadhaar Would Further Increase In Future And We Must Scrap Aadhaar Urgently Opines Praveen Dalal

Aadhaar is a draconian and Orwellian technology that is violating Human Rights and Fundamental Rights of Indians.  It is a digital panopticon that intends to control Indians on the one hand and engage in unconstitutional e-surveillance on the other.

However, with passage of time, Aadhaar and its evil designs would result in further subjugation and oppression of Indians. Aadhaar has already been linked with everything of Indians and a centralised database has been created.

Such a centralised database is not only a cyber security disaster but also a civil liberties nightmare. Aadhaar is the most insecure critical infrastructure of the world. It completely lacks cyber security, data security, privacy protection, etc opines Praveen Dalal.

Unless Aadhaar is scrapped, it would cause big civil liberties and cyber security troubles for Indians. This is more so when Aadhaar is also clubbed with Digital India or e-governance project of India.

Supreme Court Made Aadhaar Optional Till 31-03-2018 And Soon It Would Scrap Aadhaar Opines Praveen Dalal

A constitution bench of Supreme Court passed an interim order on Aadhaar on 15-12-2017.

According to the interim order, all dates for linking of Aadhaar for all services have been extended to 31-03-2018. This has been done for entire India and States are also bound by this order informs Praveen Dalal.

Only exception to this rule is opening of a new bank account for which those not having Aadhaar have to give the application number instead of Aadhaar.

According to Praveen Dalal, Supreme Court would Scrap Aadhaar in March 2018.

This is because Aadhaar is suffering from serious constitutional anomaly and Aadhaar cannot be salvaged at all.